Sunday, August 4, 2013

Gotta start somewhere. I did, on 43rd ave and 41st street!

Today began day 1 of my 5k training. For more info, see video below.

Trying something new, you guys, following the advice/guidance of my fellow blogger friends:

Vlogging. A video blog. Another tool to fufill the vanity we all have.

So here it is:

Day 1: Flinging is not an option

What do you guys think? I'm not sure if I enjoy this method of blogging, as I do not like a medium where I can not go back and edit. Additionally, it took like 20 minutes to upload the freakin thing (which is like FOREVER). By then I could have written a blog, swept the living room, and groomed my eye brows.

Also, having bad "post run" hair day can not be hidden when there is proof on youtube.

Also, I say "so" WAYYYY too much. My Com. professor would be giving me his uni brow "grill" right about now. "Ms. Martinez, are you addressing the students, or one particular person named So?" 

Butthead. But he's right. For the record, I'm addressing you guys. My audience. All 5 of you, which includes my mom, who loves everything I do. So there, professor!

Ok, TOTALLY digressing.

Any who, some more thoughts. As per the Couch-to-5K app, here are my "Day 1" stats:

I love love LOVE the smiley face. It totally made me feel like I ran a marathon. But the caption next to said bloody smiley face quickly reminded me of the actual retail price: 2.51 miles.

2.51 miles = 26 miles (Only in my brain)

But you have to start somewhere, I suppose.

Also, let me correct my friend's twitter handle who told me to ice down my old lady back. It's actually Kellyfit1220, not Kellyfitgirl.

More on running on Tuesday, scheduled Day 2. Off to do some laundry and pretti-fy my kitchen.

Note: Definitely let me know you guys think on Vlogging. I even hate the name. Sounds like a mating ritual in Scandanavia.

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