Monday, March 28, 2016

Late night narrative

It's no secret to those that know me that I have depression. Not the, "awww, it's raining and there is a 7 train delay due to a sick passenger, and my boss didn't give me a promotion, and my friend won't talk to me anymore" depression. More like the, "I woke up. . ." depression. Have had it since I was 12.

I remember being so young, and not knowing what the hell was happening, but for some reason, I was handling the Zack and Kelly's breakup WAY worse than they were. Or anything related to leaving my small tenemant bedroom in our family apartment. I hated getting out of bed. Hated facing the world. Hated waking up.

Not to be so depressing (shout out!). It's not like I wanted to kill myself. I didn't. I wanted to live very badly. I just wanted this internal pain to stop. But trying to explain that to a family that called me a "drama queen" from the moment I popped out of my mother's canal: it was a lost cause.

Almost 23 years later, and I still have a fear of leaving my bedroom, or, in this case, my very own 1 bedroom apartment. When it hits me, "it" feels even worse than it used to. I find myself asking myself, WTF. Why do I still have these horrible bouts? No longer do "Zack and Kelly breakup"-like scenarios send me over the edge. Nope, thanks to the likes of Instagram and Youtube--the puppy-saving, kitten cuddling, soldier returning, dead people rememebering videos of the world--put me in crying states for hours and hours.

"Why do you like to poke the burn?" my friend, Sara said to me recently. "Why do you like to torture yourself?"

I didn't have an answer. More like a revelation. She was right, I do. I like to kick myself when I am down. But why?

Maybe it's just what I know to be life. Maybe any other way would be so foreign, I might want to retreat back to my bedroom. Maybe I do that already.

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