Sunday, August 17, 2014

It's been a while

Where to begin. So much has happened in the last 11 months, I honestly feel overwhelmed with what to say here. So, in true Claudia fashion, I have derrived a list to summarize what the journey has been like. Here goes:

1-Gained about 40 of the 60lbs I had lost 2 years ago
2-Lost 15 of those 40 lbs
(The math is confusing, I know. The PS of it all is the scale is going down. For the first time. In over a year).
3-My professional life had some major achievements, but also, some major devastation.
4-My love life had major achievements, but also, some major devastation.
5-Still have 3 cats, you guys :)
6-I gave up on the one relationship that became progressively abusive in the last 12 months. Happy to report, I have been sober for 101 days.
7-I survived depression. Not the financial/economy kind, either. Still struggling, but surviving.
8-I say "my therapist says" at least once a day. My friends find it amusing/comical.
9-I've reconciled with the gym. Some days, I still think the gym is an asshole. But we are getting there.
10-My OCD needs to have ten things on this list. Trying to put something profound and introspective here. I've got nothing. So here's something not so deep: I finally picked up my dry cleaning after months and months and months. Tommy (the owner from Tom's Dry cleaning in Sunnyside) is eternally grateful, greeted me with a smile, and did not stir up any guilt.

I'm blessed to say, in the last 12 months, I've survived because of all the Tommy's in my life (you know who you are). And because of God, of course.

I'm sure there's so much more to say. At this moment, right now, my brain is flooded with stories I want to share with you, but all in due time.

I'm ready to share, I guess. For the few of you that have been checking in, I appreciate it :)

Talk soon xo


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